DJ-Karaoke-Quiz Master


Vicky has been DJing for many years, the last four being with Cheeky Entertainment.  Vicky also works for West FM as an Investigative Journalist and news reader and can be heard throughout the day delivering todays latest events!

Vicky is very much a personality DJ and is definitely not shy! A real asset to the team, she is highly experienced and a great singer too, your are always guaranteed a fun night when Vicky is on!

And here’s Vickys Answers to the standard “get to know Team Cheeky Questions”!!


How long have you been a DJ?     DJ for 10 years (doing quizzes for 18 though)
What is your shoe size?     Size 6
What was the first CD Single you bought?     Shaking Stevens ‘This Ole House’ or Coast to Coast ‘The Hucklebuck'(yes I am that old)
What is your favorite Phone?     Motorola Razr (was the first I had that played a proper tune not one you had to program in)
Do you prefer Bottled or Tap water?     Tap
Tell us an interesting fact?     I used to work in pathology so I know what I’m doing with dead bodies and body parts* and have held every human organ in my hand except a heart (I mean internal ones before you say anything Dave
What is your current favorite Song?      Black Box ‘Ride on Time’ and Bad Manners ‘Special Brew’