Stuart is now a member of Team Cheeky. He has a great attitude towards every event he is involve in and loves to watch as the crowd joins in on the atmosphere. He has worked hard over the last year to become as versatile as possible and is able to meet the requirements of any event.

As with all our team, we asked Stuart to answer a few questions. Heres what he had to say.


How long have you been a DJ?      4 years
What is your shoe size?        Size  11
What was the first CD Single you bought?       Embarrassed to say it was Move Move Move (The Red Tribe) Manchester United’s 1996 FA Cup song, which I also performed at a school talent show
What is your favourite Phone?         I had one of those Nokia slide phones like Neo’s in the Matrix, looked cool and it had snake 2 on it!!
Do you prefer Bottled or Tap water?        Bottled
Tell us an interesting fact?            I have the same birthday as Albert Einstein and like to think I’m at least as smart as he was
What is your current favourite Song?          Stevie by Kasabian