Scott, is one of our more fun DJ’s. He hosts regular Karaoke at the Red Lion in Prestwick, every Friday and Saturday night. He has a great attitude to his work, and make it his goal to ensure you enjoy your night. We love having Scott in the team!

He has a great personality and certainly brings the Cheeky to Cheeky entertainment. He makes sure every event he hosts has a high energy level and get people going with a knowledge of all the music you forgot you loved. If you’re thinking about a party, on a night out, make sure you visit the one and only Papa D at the red lion.

Here’s what Scott had to say when we asked him a little about himself:

How long have you been a DJ?     7 years
What is your shoe size?     size 11 (big feet ladies)
What was the first CD Single you bought?     PJ & Duncan – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble
What is your favorite Phone?     Nokia 3210 (all of us at cheeky have much respect for this trusted phone!!!)
Do you prefer Bottled or Tap water?     Bottled
Tell us an interesting fact?     “I’m the real slim shady” (I’m not sure this fact is true)
What is your current favorite Song?      Imagine Dragons – Demon