Race Nights

With Cheeky Entertainment a race night is a fantastic way to raise funds for your club, charity, school or society. We even cater to corporate events.

In most cases a race night is put on to make as much money as possible.  Therefore, to make sure your race night is a success there are a few things you need to know, some preparation work that needs to be done and some work on the night to take care of.  Before your race night you will need to organise the following;

Race Night Organiser – Someone to sort out the venue for the race night and to put up race night posters, speak with local companies to get prizes and sponsorship for the races and raffle.

Race Night Support – People to help generally on the day of the race night.  You will need at least one person to help with the tote sales, and pay out to the winners.

However, the most important part of the race night is the host, sound system and the races. Don’t worry this is where we come in!

Cheeky Races - The Bookies Favourite!!

Our Service

– Race night computerised tote system and ticket printing with DVD quality races.  We have horse, dog & pig races available.
– Race night info pack with guides, hints & tips.
– Power point template to fill in with race night sponsors – we will display this between races.
– Race night template posters to advertise your night.
– Race night compere.
– LCD digital projector and screen.
– Background music between races.

We can also provide:

– Full disco set up with lighting for an after party.
– Karaoke
– Fun multimedia quiz

Cheeky Entertainment are famous for their race nights and are perfect for corporate events, raising funds and entertaining the crowd. With years of experience, Cheeky Races will be sure to get your race night off to a galloping start! We will explain the procedure for the night; encourage guests to take part, cheer on their horses and to place those all-important bets!

How do our race nights work?

There are 8 horses/dogs/pigs in each of the 8 races, with an optional 9th auction race.  We display our races on either our big screen TV’s or digital projector, depending on the venue.  All our races are DVD quality and have English commentary.  By booking Cheeky Races to host your race night, we take care of everything for you.  From races, tote tickets, screen, high quality sound system and professional race night MC.  We offer various, flexible race night packages for all budgets: race night only, multimedia quiz and race night, race night with after disco, race night with after karaoke party.

When you book with Cheeky Races, we will send out the information pack as described above, along with booking confirmation, for your records.

Please contact us for more information and be sure to get your party off to a gallop with our Cheeky Races!