Our Set Up

If you have ever been to a wedding with a poor DJ you will know all too well the effect that poor equipment and a lack of knowledge and attention to detail can have on sound quality and people’s enjoyment of the event.  How many times have you been to a wedding where at the back of the room you can hardly hear the music while on the dancefloor the music is painfully loud.  How often have you endured crackling, whining, screeching noises from speakers on their last legs?

Here at Cheeky entertainment we have invested in leading technology to ensure a cheeky party is a great party, for everyone, every time.  We have the latest long throw speakers that fill a room with high quality sound without blasting your guests dancing on the dancefloor.  The high definition sound is controlled through a leading mixing desk to ensure the sound is balanced and you will not be rocked off your chair by bass or get that “nails down a chalk-board” feeling on every high note!

Cheeky DJs understand the importance of the basics, being there on time, being smartly dressed, polite and friendly, and having quality equipment, producing quality sound.