DJ Payment Requests


When you return to your payment portal your previous payment requests will be saved, it is important that you completely remove the old request(s) before entering the new one.  Please ensure you type in the data as stipulated on the form any variation from this may result in the payment request being delayed or rejected in part or in full.  Your name and address details will be stored and there should be no need to edit this unless your details change.

In order to process your payments as quickly and easily as possible we now only accept payment requests through your payment portal below.  Please ensure all fields are clear before submitting a new bill, enter the information for all the dates you have worked and then click “Send & Save” at the bottom of the form.  You cannot submit more than seven dates at once.

You may only submit payment request up to fourteen days before and the Monday after the dates worked.

Please contact the office if you have any questions.  The terms and instructions are displayed at the bottom of this page.

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By clicking submit, I, the undersigned, hereby agree to declare any fees for the engagement to HM Inspector of Taxes / National Insurance contributions and any fees due to Revenue & Customs (VAT dept.), if applicable and will for the purposes of this contract be deemed self employed.