Cheeky Smartphone Quizzes

Modern Smartphones have made it quick and easy to access data from the internet and this has made cheating at quizzes a common practice. Cheeky Smartphone Quizzes combat this by turning handsets into the answer pad and time restrictions prevent other team members from googling answers!

This fun & unique quiz is played using your smartphones, tablets or iPads.

The questions are read out by our interactive quizmasters and the teams answer using their device as a quiz keypad/buzzer.

This is tonnes more fun and interactive than traditional pen & paper quizzes!

The all important speed element that Cheeky Smartphone Quizzing injects into the formula makes for high octane fun, but also ensures it is impossible to cheat (a common complaint at the modern quiz) so the real winners always take home the prizes!

The quiz has multiple choice questions, numeric questions, trivia rounds, pictures rounds, music and the bonus fastest fingers ‘Buzzer’ round which gets teams off their seats!

Get started in 3 simple steps:

1. Download the FREE SpeedQuizzing app NOW!

2. Turn up at your chosen quiz venue and join the ‘Cheeky Quiz’ wifi.

3. Type in a team name, and get quizzing!

As you are connected to our wireless network – you will not use any of your mobile data allowance so it’s completely free to play. Even the app is free!

PLEASE NOTE: App only available on Apple & Android based devices which have access to an app store.
The App is NOT yet available on devices with a Windows OS.